How to Use the Ethereum (ETH) Mixer - Complete Guide 2020 (Updated)

In these days when privacy is an issue of great concern, most people would not have that compromised because of their use of cryptocurrency. This is even more important because big corporations and the government have practically made us lose our privacy. If youre a user on the Ethereum network, you may have wondered how to use it anonymously. This is why crypto mixer introduced ethereum mixing on its platform.

We know that you want a service that would keep your coins safe and still maintain your anonymity. What we offer is a service that is second to none in the quest to blend your ether. Just like our other services, our algorithm is top of the range that ensures that your ether is completely anonymized making it impossible to be tracked. So whenever you use our service, youre rest assured that youre free from prying eyes.

As you must have known, mixers are not born equal. This is why you should go for a service that ensures that your ethereum is effectively tumbled to obfuscate its trail. Less effective mixing services would not fool anyone but rather give you a false sense of security. We are sure that youre aware of the risks associated with poorly blended coins. Not just is your wallet address exposed, your coins could be at risk of being stolen by hackers.

Additionally, the privacy that you hold so dear could be compromised, leaving you insecure. We know that you deserve the best, that is why at Bitcoinmix, we endeavor to provide you with the best of Ethereum tumbling service.


How Does The Ethereum Mixer Work and How tu Use It?


The Ethereum mixer is easy to use. In fact, youll get your ether blended and your anonymity enhanced in 6 simple steps. Our easy-to-use platform is such that anyone can mix their ether in minutes.

1) On our mixer page, select Ethereum on the Choose Coin to Mix option, 

2) Then paste the Ethereum address where you want the mixed coins sent and

3) Set the custom mixing time delay,

4) Click Next. This will load the next page where youll see the Ethereum address where youll deposit the ether you want to be blended.


ethereum mixer


Theres a calculator where you can check the volume of ether youll receive after the mixing fee has been deducted. Bear in mind that the minimum volume of ether mixed by our ethereum blender is 0.5 ETH.

5) Send the volume of ether that you want to be mixed to mixer's address shown on the page


ethereum tumbler guide


6) Thats it your tumbled ether is as good as new and will be in your designated wallet in minutes.

It is a simple process yet the algorithm behind it is quite phenomenal. The ethereum you receive after the custom time delay is unconnected with your previous wallet and no prying eyes can link them back to you.

The strength of our mixing service is that it gives you new coins from sources unconnected to you without keeping logs of your activity on the platform. In our opinion, you should always use our service to protect your wallet and identity on the Ethereum network. 

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